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It's Not Too Early to Plan for the Cleveland LuteFest - 2018!

Now is the time to start thinking about the exciting adventure that will be the Cleveland LuteFest in 2018.  It will take place at Case Western University in Cleveland from June 24 to 30, 2018.  The faculty list is incredible, probably the best one yet! A PARTIAL(!) list includes: 

Nigel North, Xavier Diaz-Latorre, Robert Barto, Crawford Young, Ronn McFarlane, Elizabeth KennyDouglas Freundlich, Christopher Morrongiello, and Ellen Hargis as our Pat O'Brien Lecturer this year. 

One of the many evening concerts will feature the acclaimed ensemble Ayreheart. Come and experience the best early plucked-string festival in the world - and make some great friends along the way.  Registration will be online at this site becoming active around January 1, 2018.  Remember, first come, first served for private teacher assignments. Stay tuned for more information here as the event approaches.

Announcing the Amherst Spring Break Workshop in  Washington D.C. 

Amherst Early Music will be starting a new weekend workshop at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Called The Spring Break Workshop, the event will take place on March 17 and 18, 2018. This newly-created Amherst Early Music “Spring Break” Weekend Workshop for lutes, viols and recorders will include lute faculty members Douglas Freundlich and Christopher Morrongiello coaching lute ensemble classes for both advanced and novice lute players, including double SATB lute quartets, ensemble basics, and lectures on historic lute technique and intabulation for lute ensembles. Renaissance lutes of all sizes are welcome, pitched at A-440.

Registration is now open at:
For further information about the lute program please contact: 
lutesocietydc@gmail.com. A full schedule of the classes and lectures to be offered can be viewed by clicking on the registration link above. 

Upcoming LSA By-Laws Vote

As was mentioned at the General Meeting of the Membership at the 2016 Lute Festival, the By-Laws of the LSA need to be updated to reflect the use of modern communication technologies in our operations and other out of date information. Click on the buttons below for information on  proposed changes to the LSA's By Laws.  Voting on the proposed LSA ByLaws changes regarding the annual meeting , which needs 2/3 of the membership to ratify, will take place via email to each LSA member generated by Constant Contact.  

Please look for your ballot in the near future and VOTE!  

Many thanks to Caroline Usher for putting these documents together.

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