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CD's are listed in alphabetical order by ensemble or lutenist last name.



Kayleen Sánchez - Soprano
Laudon Schuett - Renaissance Lute

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Songs and solo lute music from the 16th Century.

S.L. Weiss recital and J.S. Bach Recital
Anton Birula - 13 course baroque lute

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Includes S.L.Weiss Sonata No. 23 in F sharp minor and J.S. Bach Suite in D major, BWV 1012


La Brebis Galante
Anna Kowalska - 11-course lute
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Works by Gallot, Mouton, de Visee, Forqueray, Marais


Luteduo Plays J.S. Bach
Anna Kowalska, Anton Birula - 13 course baroque lutes
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First ever complete CD with J.S.Bach duets

Luteduo Plays Weiss
Anna Kowalska, Anton Birula - 13 course baroque lutes
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Luteduo vision of works by S.L. Weiss

Baroque Insight (Luteduo)
Anna Kowalska - baroque guitar, Anton Birula - theorbo
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Luteduo arrangements of works by Piccinini, Kapsberger, Murcia, Sanz, de Visee, Forqueray.

Baroque Lute Duets (Luteduo)
Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula – baroque lutes
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Music for two baroque lutes by Gaultier, Du Fault, Lawes, Marais, Falckenhagen and Hagen.


Medieval Lady
Susan Sandman and Derwood Crocker
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Early music by woman composers, lute duets and dances performed by Elizabethan Conversation with guest soprano Andrea Folan.


Music from the Castiliono Lute Book (1536)
Phillip Rukavina, 6-course
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Music from Joanambrosio Dalza's Inavolatura di Lauto (1508) and Vincenzo Capirola's Lute Book (1517). Performed on lutes by Grant Tomlinson and Malcolm Prior.

Ala Spagnola
Phillip Rukavina, vihuela da mano
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Music by Luis Milan, Alonso Mudarra, Luis de Narváez, Vincenzo Capirola and more.  Performed on a vihuela da mano build by Daniel Larson.

Italian Lute Music 1508-1517 
Phillip Rukavina, 6-course lute
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Rukavina performs early 16th century Italian lute music by Joanambrosio Dalza and Vincenzo Capirola.

Dutch Light: The Music of Nicolas Vallet 
Phillip Rukavina, 10-course lute
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Rukavina performs music by the 17th century Dutch lutenists Nicolas Vallet. The music is a blend of the best qualities of early Baroque Dutch, English and French music.


Sweet Division
Venere Lute Quartet
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A variety of sparkly music for lute quartet with both historical and modern arrangements included. Issued on the LSA label.

Palestrina's Lute
Venere Lute Quartet
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Arrangements of music by the great Renaissance composer Giovanni Luigi da Palestrina for lute quartet. Issued on the LSA label.

Airy Entertainments
Venere Lute Quartet 
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Settings of music from English masques were published in numerous Continental sources.
 This delightful music is at the center of a new recording project of the Venere Lute Quartet.

Ornythology: Byrd and Friends
Venere Lute Quartet 
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The music of the beloved Elizabethan composer William Byrd and his contemporaries (John Dowland, Orlando Gibbons, Thomas Tallis, etc.) as arranged for lute quartet. Hear the intricate interplay of four outstanding lutenists performing on soprano, alto, tenor, and bass lutes.

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